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Top 10 Warehouse Automation Solutions Companies in Apac - 2022

The global warehouse automation market, valued at USD 14.86 billion in 2020, is relishing a remarkable growth, primarily owing to the rise of OEMs and ODMs in APAC. The rising urban population, disposable income, development of nascent technologies, and the rising demand for efficient electronic devices have imbued to warehouse automation domain to ride the coattails of these trends and develop customer-centric solutions. In addition to these, the rapid growth of APAC’s e-commerce domain has also accelerated the requirement for digital transformation, necessitating businesses to adopt automation technologies. APAC’s warehouse automation solution providers enable manufacturers, warehouse operators, and logistics providers to address a myriad of customer challenges, deliver services faster at more efficient levels as well as lower costs.

To help organizations and leaders select the best-of-breed vendor companies, Logistics Tech Outlook APAC’s distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and analysts have reviewed and shortlisted a handful of warehouse automation solutions providers that are at the forefront of innovation and empowering APAC’s logistics arena to leverage contemporary technologies and stay abreast of the dynamic market scenarios. From providing factory automation production lines, automated intelligent logistics, robotic applications to offering smart warehousing solutions, these vendors bring high reliability, efficiency, and operational efficiency to APAC’s logistics sector. These companies are selected based on the innovative and user-friendly warehouse automation solutions they render to logistics enterprises and public sector entities.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook APAC’s “Top 10 Warehouse Automation Solutions Providers APAC - 2022.”

    Top Warehouse Automation Solutions Companies in APAC

  • Boxline Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a new three-board listed firm that combines R&D, design, and production into a professional non-standard service-oriented Internet Plus system integration design. The company was founded in August 2006 in the Hebei province. Boxline focuses on applications for factory intelligent manufacturing, industrial 4.0, and industrial robots. The company is dedicated to lowering enterprise users' production costs (by saving labor), assisting service companies in achieving factory automation, and enhancing cooperative enterprises' market competitiveness in factory automation, intelligent warehousing, intelligent logistics, industrial robot design, and manufacturing, and high-tech equipment manufacturing.


  • The company upholds the R&D concept of building standardized and modular smart equipment clusters, transforming from "one machine dedicated for a special purpose" to "multiple functions realized by one machine" to develop a scalable, highly stable, and cost-effective logistics system. Additionally, Galaxis Technology's smart algorithm optimization capability makes the intelligent logistics system solution highly flexible. As a result, it can adapt to various logistics business needs quickly to address the diversified challenges of enterprise logistics formats and better serve customers in the journey towards completely unmanned logistics.


  • SIASUN offers state-of-the-art automated solutions for the seamless supply chain management. The company’s intelligent warehousing system realizes the scientific management of warehousing, optimizes the storage structure, shortens the inventory cycle, saves warehouse space and labor. This enables organizations to reduce the operating cost as well as help them enhance the efficiency of warehouse management operations. Established in 2000, SIASUN has a wealth of automatic storage system solutions, and its core products include pallet storage systems, box storage systems, carrier-free storage systems and intensive storage systems.


  • Geek+


    Geek+ is an intelligent robot company shaping the smart logistics revolution. The company develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that handle various tasks, including picking, moving, and sorting. Founded in 2015, Geek+ has sales, operations, and service capabilities in over 30 countries and regions worldwide. Geek+ applies advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology to create efficient, flexible, and reliable solutions that help industries worldwide. At present, over 500 global industry leaders in retail, apparel, pharmaceuticals, 3PL, automotive, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, electronics, and many other industries trust Geek+ for their automation solutions

  • Huayide Logistics Technology

    Huayide Logistics Technology

    Huayide Logistics Technology is China’s leading warehouse ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) manufacturer and integrator. The company delivers fully automated warehouse systems, intralogistics solutions for Distribution Centers and Production Facilities. Whether it's maximizing storage, doubling the throughput, product retrieval, reducing the logistics costs, optimizing material flow, or rotating products, Huayide Logistics Technology is finds the right solution fit for different business types

  • Infocomm


    Infocomm is a leading Australian provider of Transport, Warehouse, and Supply Chain ERP management software servicing clients in Australia and around the world. Australian owned with its head office in Melbourne, the company was originally established in 1977 as ‘Datapower’ to provide quality Supply Chain Management software solutions. In 2001 Infocomm Pty Ltd. purchased the company and since then it has developed end-to-end solutions based on a Microsoft Windows architecture. It’s these years of industry knowledge that give it the edge in knowing what it takes to deliver leading solutions for its customers

  • Infolog


    Infolog is a global software company that provides streamlined, omni-channel software solutions, exclusively for the Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain industries. Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain operations consistently face the challenges of inefficient systems with cumbersome processes that reduce efficiency throughout their organizations. By using the latest technology, our solution, INFOLOG Logistics Suite provides easy-to-use software with simplified processes. Infolog’s products can be implemented much more rapidly than other solutions thanks to our unique deployment methodology. We provide solutions for a diverse range of Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain industry needs

  • Interlogic


    Interlogic is a specialist in warehouse management solutions incorporating advanced Warehouse Management Software for outstanding results. The company’s forté is blending the right mix of software, hardware, and materials handling equipment to give clients the best return on their investment dollar. Its consultants analysis provides a structured way of ‘running a tape measure’ over clients’ operations. The solution for clients’ warehouses is crafted by Consultants who have worked in warehouses, who know where to look for the savings and efficiencies that give you the edge

  • SMCore


    SMcore is innovating the manufacturing paradigm and providing a specialized Total Smart Machine Solution through the Smart Factory. SM Core has been leading the logistics automation industry by continuously developing innovative technologies and providing various services since it succeeded in the first automated warehouse system in Korea in 1972. In addition, we have secured successful references all over the world including in India, China, and North America, and have built a competitive global network.

  • The RIC Group

    The RIC Group

    The RIC Group (TRG) is a global Software Solution Supplier for Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) and Transport Management Solutions (TMS). TRG is also a supply chain expert. It's WMS and TMS provide a turnkey solution for industries such as FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), catchweight, grocery food and beverage, distribution, and manufacturing. The company has continued to grow and change with the needs of clients and has a passion for solving supply chain issues and building solutions for its clients all over the world